What is the Sapiens Movie Project:
The Sapiens Movie Project is a “sci-fi” fantasy film about supernatural beings whom wield power through artistic expression. The official listing of the film will be under the genre “African American Mythology.” This genre does not exist today, but this will be explained later as one of the main purposes of the film. In this film, artists of various forms, but primarily lyricist, painters, dancers, deejays, and poets, will display their real world talents and incorporate those abilities into a cinematic presentation. An easy explanation is that this is a superhero film, but there is a difference between a superhero and a mythology. A superhero is a character that may exist throughout any cultural environment, and are in some way enhanced beyond that of the average society. A mythology is a manifestation and embodiment of cultural traditions found within a particular society. Because artistic expressions are cultural phenomenon and not simply enhanced abilities, the characters of SMP are thereby mythological embodiment.

What is the Purpose of the Sapiens Movie Project:
The SMP will serve three primary purposes: To fulfill the mission of ROAR (see in bylaws section 2.01 “Purpose”): To promote peace and unity throughout the community by creating a unified cultural project: To establish the genre, “African American Mythology”, by way of promoting Afro-Culture and the artistic qualities and traditions of all artists involved in the film.

This project seeks to reach into various communities and demographics, drawing from those areas artistic representation, and unifying them under one artistic presentation. This presentation will inspire others throughout those same communities and demographics to view the possibilities available through art, cultural collaboration, and an overall positive and peaceful interaction among each other. Art and culture have been chosen as the method to approach promoting peace and collaboration throughout communities because of their impacts within all human demographics.

Due to the community focused purpose, and nonprofit nature of this project, all participation is voluntary. Because the project is nonprofit in nature, no entity, group, individual or organization shall hold ownership of the project. ROAR will however solely occupy the authority of providing licenses for the film, at its discretion.


Arche Sapiens Character Line Up 2.jpg